Thanks for this really great easy to use module.

I would like to ask is it possible to use further arguments other than size for YouTube embedding? For example controls, fx as per this page:

I have tried a few combinations but nothing seems to work.


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yeah the code completely ignores these parameters
and there's no grouped way of storing them in the $video variable, so there's no way to quick fix it dynamically, would require more changes to the module I think.
ideally a codec's info would expose the possible parameters to the GUI.

Meanwhile, you can do it in a custom module or theme function.
In a module:
- use hook_theme_registry_alter to add your own theme functions to video_filter_flash and video_filter_iframe
then, in the theme function, use your custom code..

for the iframe i had to use something like this:

  if (isset($video['modestbranding'])) $extras['modestbranding'] = $video['modestbranding'];
  if (isset($video['controls'])) $extras['controls'] = $video['controls'];
  if (isset($video['autohide'])) $extras['autohide'] = $video['autohide'];
  if (isset($video['iv_load_policy'])) $extras['iv_load_policy'] = $video['iv_load_policy'];
  if (isset($video['loop'])) $extras['loop'] = $video['loop'];
  if (isset($video['showinfo'])) $extras['showinfo'] = $video['showinfo'];
  if (isset($video['theme'])) $extras['theme'] = $video['theme'];
  if (isset($video['fs'])) $extras['fs'] = $video['fs'];
  if (!empty($extras)) {
    $query = http_build_query($extras);
    $video['source'] .= htmlentities('&' . $query);
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