Last updated 29 June 2009. Created on 27 February 2007.
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You can use the location module to add location-based attributes to ads created using the Classified Ads module

One advantage of this technique is that you can also enable google, yahoo, and other map support available in the location module.

Using location.module with classified ads.

  • Install and configure location.module
  • Enable locative information for ed_classified nodes
    Note: The location module requires that a zip/postal code be entered in order to auto-generate latitude and longitude information, which is required if you want to use mapping functionality - nodes with no zip/postal code entered will require manual editing of latitude/longitude information if you wish to use mapping functions. This implies that if you want ads to show google maps functionality, you should require zip/postal codes be provided for all classified ads. Check location.module access control settings to ensure that users who can create new ads are also permitted to submit latitude/longitude information, as well.

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