I only get the RSS Feed icon on the Front Page, not on any of the other pages. I get 'login/register' on all pages. I haven't changed the style settings for #authorize (section 18 of manual) and the code for displaying the RSS feed icon is in page.tpl.php. (thuough I don't know where $feed_icons is set. Any suggestions?


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That is Drupal theme core behavior but you can modify the page.tpl.php

	<?php if ($feed_icons): ?>
		<div class="feed-wrapper">
			<?php print $feed_icons; ?>
	<?php endif; ?>


		<div class="feed-wrapper">
			<a href="<?php print $base_path; ?>/rss.xml"><img src="<?php print $base_path; ?>/misc/feed.png" width="16" height="16" title="<?php print $site_name; ?> RSS" alt="Syndicate content"/>


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Thank you. Sorry for the delay in responding. Been away!
Your solution fixes the problem in that I now get the RSS feed icon on all pages.
However, When I click the feed icon, whichever page I am on, I get the RSS feed for the main content of the front page, and nothing else. I have modified the content of other pages but they do not show up on the RSS Feed.
Is this what I should expect?
Should clicking the feed icon on a page subscribe to that page only, or the whole site?

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Thanks this work for me.