How about integrating their login with Drupal? This would be a great combination!


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These are only for premium (ie: costs $$) version of Google Apps. I wrote most of a module to allow authenticating a drupal site against a free google-apps-for-your-domain (or the gmail domain) for an older version of Drupal. I've been meaning to finish it and update it for Drupal 5. If there's interest I'll raise its priority.

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Looks like the Provisioning API, Single Sign-On Service, and Email Gateway Interface are "only available in Google Apps Premier and Education Editions."

But Google Data APIs, Calendar Data API, Spreadsheets Data API, Google Gadgets API, and Google Talk open protocols appear to be available to free GooApps users.

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I'd be interested in an authentication module for free google apps. Have you finished it yet?

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Another student and myself have been accepted for SoC 2007 to work for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab to develop integration modules between Drupal and the Google Apps API. I can't speak for the other student, but I'd appreciate a look at any existing code to help us get on our way.

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Cool! (subscribing) Where will I be able to follow progress?’s picture

Rob and Silas have posted their Summer of Code work here:

You can also find details on the two pieces (SSO and provisioning) here:


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i want help you with the integration...
please contact me

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i want that module. if you want help, i help you

disculpa mi inlges, pero hablo españo, soy chileno

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i'm interest in this module, please finish that module...
if you need help, i'll help you

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Oh that is nice! Thanks for the link

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People Who Give a Damn :: :: Building the infrastructure of a network for everyone
Agaric Design Collective :: :: Open Source Web Development

benjamin, Agaric

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Hey folks,

I am investigating google apps for Kabissa and our members, and interested in seeing how it might relate to our drupal site. I see this topic hasn't been updated in a while, so will continue looking for other places where this conversation might be taking place.



Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa

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I really hope we will see a Drupal 6 release.

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I too hope they release a 6.x compatible version


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ya i read news about this google application. Look quite interesting.

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Currently supports

* Creating users in Google Apps when created in Drupal (suspended or enabled)
* Suspending users in Google Apps when blocked in Drupal
* Synchronising passwords in Google Apps when updated in Drupal
* Suspending or deleting users in Google Apps when deleted in Drupal
* Integrated Single Sign On (SSO) - new since 2.x


* Uses Zend Framework for Google Apps APIs
* Open Source (GPLv2) licensing
* Commercial licensing and support for both Grupal and Google Apps available from Australian Online Solutions (a Google Solution Provider).
* Performance optimisations only talk to Google when absolutely necessary
* Security feature requires Google Apps admin password for all changes
* Ability to intercept and prevent username updates (which break links)


* The Google Apps Provisioning API on which this code depends is not available in the free Standard Edition.

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