My Page Traffic report is blank, and below that shows "0 views this month". The Google Analytics Summary report works fine. I used the Data Feed Query Explorer to look at the same data (I think), using ga:pageviews, and ga:date, and there is data there, it shows a day-by-day breakdown of date and page views.

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On /admin/config/system/googleanalytics, under "tracking scope", what option do you have selected for Domains? The query is filtered by ga:pagePath, and I'm wondering if this needs to include the host name in some cases.

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I'm having the same problem. I installed 7.x-1.0, with nothing advanced configured. I'm looking at the two blocks, and the Google Analytics Summary report works fine. The Page Traffic report is blank with "0 views this month".

My tracking scope is a single domain. All the rest of the options are the default install. Any ideas?

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I did see this once on a site where the full domain name was part of the page URIs. I don't really know what setting controls that, and I no longer have access to that site.

cindyr - When you look at your content report on, do you see your domain name in front of the page URI?

If so, do you have an advanced filter like what's described here?


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No, sadly that isn't the problem. The domain name doesn't show in the URI, and I don't have any advanced filters set up. I'm just tracking a single domain, using the Google Analytics module at it's most basic settings as well. The reports are all working fine. I haven't tried any custom reports yet, I'll try those tomorrow and see if I can get those to show.

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I tried to configure a custom report but got completely lost. I can generate the PHP code like the samples instruct, but I haven't any idea where to post the code to get more blocks to be created, and I can't find any documentation for it. Can you point me in the right direction? If I can do that, I may be able to figure out why the page tracker block isn't showing any results.

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Check out the block_example module in

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Heya apop/cindyr,

I just tried a few tests to reproduce this issue, but didn't have any luck. A few questions to help narrow things down:

1) Is this for all pages on your site, or just a few?
2) Can you find case, other than the front page, where the Google Analytics official site differ from this module? I'd like to exclude the homepage for this test. Please describe your find.
3) Do you have Clean URLs on or off?

Thanks for helping us debug this issue!

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Component: Code » Reports module

I have the same issue, but only for the frontpage, which for some reason asks for index.html?

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7.x-1.x is unsupported. Please upgrade to 7.x-3.x.