I've had this awesome module installed for almost a year now. Everything was fine up until a few weeks ago, when our users noticed that the export functionality was broken for large results sets.

A results set of 11,447 records will cause the browser to churn for awhile, and finally bomb out with a 500 error (IE) or an error about the file not being found (FF, Chrome).

I've been able to successfully export results sets that number up to 4,078. (I haven't been able to generate a search with more results yet to test.)

Has anyone else experienced this?


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This can probably be solved by changing your php execute timeout limit or it might be the way your database is configured and is timing out on the actual query. memory limit coudl also be somethign to look at if problems persist.

To get around these limitations, my guess is that you'd have to rewrite the exports to use some of the batch api or something.

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Experiencing the same thing. Upping the execution time or memory limit might help for a while, but won't actually solve the issue for all large datasets.