Unfortunately, the 2 maintainers who handled the Drupal 6 version have other commitments and are unable to dedicate time toward bug fixes for the 6.x branch. I myself joined this module to port it to Drupal 7, and with the intention to maintain the Drupal 7 version. As much as I'd like to maintain both versions, my time is rarely spent these days with Drupal 6 projects, aside from occasionally updating/tweaking existing sites and this makes it difficult for me to maintain this branch at an adequate level. I'd be interested in adding a co-maintainer to help maintain the 6.x branch. In the meantime, I am going to try and make a concerted effort to update the 6.x dev branch with some of the RTBC'd patches. However, no official releases will likely occur until I or a new maintainer can evaluate the differences between the dev branch and live branch to minimize conflicts with existing uses.

If you're at all interested, please contact me and provide some information about yourself and your experience with Drupal Contrib.



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I won't be doing much on D6 either so if a maintainer for D6 is out there and willing to help... please answer here!