Fresh installation of the latest dev versions of D7 core and CB 7.x-2.x. Go to the module's settings page. The breadcrumb is:

Home » Administration » Configuration » User interface, enable the "Append page title" option and save settings. Result: the setting has no effect on how the breadcrumb is rendered. Still like so:

Home » Administration » Configuration » User interface

...while it should be:

Home » Administration » Configuration » User interface » Custom breadcrumbs configuration

It only seems to work when "Use the menu structure to set the breadcrumb trail" is enabled as well and "management" is selected as the menu that the breadcrumb is patterned after. If it is so, the breadcrumb is:

Home » Administration » Configuration » User interface » Custom breadcrumbs settings expected.

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This option was originally intended to append the page title only when a custom breadcrumb has been applied (see #1071978: Current page title? for the development of the feature). I still think there may be another problem (other than documentation) which I will look into...

In your example, the page title shouldn't be applied since a custom breadcrumb was not applied.

If you want to append page title to the end of the breadcrumb trail for all pages on your site - do this in your theme. Custom breadcrumbs isn't needed for this.

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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Closing because i think this was just a misunderstanding. I believe the module is working as designed.

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ok then, how does one achieve what I need using this module? Menu breadcrumb offers a simple "Append page title to breadcrumb" checkbox in its settings that does exactly what it says. No extra coding in the theme level - almost zero effort. I thought that is why modules are developed - to make our life easier.

Anyways... as I said I've settled with Menu breadcrumb now. It does what I want. Anyone else looking for this feature, I highly recommend you use it instead.

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active

I'm marking this as still open because it's simple to correct, althout there isn't an option to do this through settings:


function MYTHEME_breadcrumb($breadcrumb) {
if (!empty($breadcrumb)) {
$breadcrumb[] = t(drupal_get_title());
return '' . implode(' › ', $breadcrumb) . '';

but be sure to uncheck the Append page title at settings (avoind duplicate title).

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...or use Menu breadcrumb instead that does this with a "Append page title to breadcrumb" option that simply works ;)

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Proposed solution in #4 does not work in D7. "Array" is displayed instead of the breadcrumbs. Any thoughts?

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Status: Active » Needs review
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Also I saw a behavior that if no settings for breadcrumbs are found then "append page title" setting was not working. Here is a patch that will fix this issue. I created the patch against 7.x-2.0-alpha3 version of the module.

Hope this helps!