Hello everyone!
Im using the latest release of Drupal 7, Media Gallery and Views, and Im having trouble with displaying the content im trying to create. Essentially i have a portfolio page (basic page) that is using views to aggregate all the "Gallery" content types together on a single page -like articles on the front page. The trouble im having is that:

the thumbnail for each gallery (and for each on the "galleries" page) is a faily large, and also displays one after the other rather than "inline". Changing the size for the thumbnail in admin/config/image styles only results in the thumbnail being shrunk then scaled up to the same dimensions.

Also, I cannot get any other fields to display in the teaser other than the title and gallery thumbnail...

I have checked the settings of manage fields and manage displays in all the sub categories of the Galleries, Views, and Basic Page options, as well as in admin/config/nedia/file types/image and as far as i can tell all the fields i want- in particular the description and tags- should be showing for each teaser.

Any help would be much appreciated, thankyou.

screenshot.JPG90.16 KBsairyseast
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* check if this problem is with basic theme i.e. Barik - some theme makes this issue
* check if other modules don't messed it - I know that Taxonomy Translation makes this issue, but could be more such modules

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thx for the track

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i have the same as the screen shot above. did anyone figure out how to make the thumbs show smaller and inline?

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I had the same problem.

Theme: Subtheme AT (Adaptive Theme)
But I think this can also happen with other themes.

The cause:
I developed a page on the basis of AT Subtheme. And this theme uses a different structure for the page layout as the default themes Bartik.

The solution:
1. Copy the file media_gallery.css (found here: sites/all/modules/media_gallery/media_gallery.css) to your themes css directory (and do not forget to enter the css file in the theme.info)

2. Now make some changes in the new file.

Complete all 10 entries
.mg-col-* > .field-items > .field-item (*= 1-10 - To be found around line 395)
with the following line
.mg-col-* > .field-item, (*= 1-10 - To be found around line 395)

  • Do not forget each line must end with a comma (with the exception of the last)
  • (Note: field-item not field-items)
  • Do not enter (*= 1-10 - To be found around line 395) into the css file

Complete the entry in row 147
. media-media gallery>. field-items>. field-item
with the following line
. media-media gallery>. field-item

In the whole file: Change all node to article


Maybe some more CSS adjustments are necessary, but these steps should work for the gallery display (at least for AT-themes).

I hope this helps somebody.

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Hi Olmo and everybody

I have exactly the same problem but I use the theme template kit "Zen"
Created fields are well displayed beside the picture in the colorbox window, but even if I activate the fields through Image -> media -> type settings ->Gallery thumbnail, nothing happens

A previous post describes the same problem (still opened) :


Thanks for any help


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No one has an idea ?
Please guys, I'm sure displaying metadata fields is something very important for this module


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Having the same issue with needing to display description of gallery when viewing the gallery collection. Despite changing the display settings for "Teaser" to show description, nothing is created in the DOM. Not sure why, as adding and removing the description from "Full Content" display settings does as it should when viewing the contents of a single gallery.

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See http://drupal.org/node/1224198 if using Adaptive Theme. That resolved the issues for me without having to modify CSS. However, the galleries page still looks funky, but individual gallery pages look okay.

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I am using the Footheme subtheme of AdaptiveTheme (with Pixture-reloaded theme).

Olmo's fix (#5) worked for my All Galleries page, but the individual Gallery pages now display oversized images (660x660) stacked vertically. Images do appear fine in the Lightbox.

How Media Gallery sizes images is quite mysterious. Might there be a document that describes how Media Gallery uses File types, File display, or other Drupal config to determine sizes?

- Mike

P.S. Considering the relative incompatibility with AT themes, I think I'm going to try a different gallery method for this particular site.

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We have included into beta8 some css fixes for different themes. Please try beta8. If there is still a theme issue, open a new bug report and mention the theme you use.

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Version: 7.x-1.0-beta6 » 7.x-2.x-dev
Issue summary: View changes

Subscribe, the problem is still here.
I'm using the Marinelli theme, but the problem is not in the CSS of the theme. Fields don't appear not even in the HTML code.