I configure this module to use inclusions for textareas instead of exclusions. I find this to be more suitable. So when I add a new content type, I go into my profile visibility settings and add in the specific syntax for each textarea for adding and editing.

For the content type with machine name "page" this is the syntax required for the body textarea:

For the content type with machine name "blog_entry" this is it:

For whatever reason, you have to use hyphens for the textarea for a nodetype when ADDING a new node, but when editing, an underscore is used.

Is there a specific reason for this? I don't have time at the moment to look thru the code to investigate, but it seems that either underscores or hypens should be used, not both.


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It is related with Drupal core, because it's once give content type with hypens, once with underscore...
I make a little fix for it and now all content types for including/excluding have undescores instead of hypens.
Changes commited to GIT, so pls try to update to last DEV version.


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Just realized that this would probably screw up backwards compatibility with people that were using hyphens. Haven't looked at the code yet tho.