I need to have a slider with thumbs in the control navigator.
No matter which option i select under views - style options - control navigator (options are: "thumbnails with image syles", "basis" or "thumbnails with views fields") I get those tiny circles (should be the basis option) in the control bar below the image.

Also deactivating the direction navigator as suggested in some tutorials for Drupal 6 does not help.
And i created an image style for use in thumbs.

Another issue is that until now I did not manage to create a caption with a link as shown in the demos under http://nivo.dev7studios.com/

Maybe this is due to bugs as it is a dev version? Or could anyone give me some tips how to solve these problems with the configuration under Drupal 7? (screenshots of my Nivo slider configuration settings and the slide show on the results page attached to this posting).

Thank's in advance!



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Having the same issue.

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Yep same here. There is an img tag created but the src is not populated.

<a class="nivo-control" rel="0"><img src="undefined" alt=""></a>
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Hi everyone,
I'm facing the same issue .
I'm trying to have a slideshow runing with thumbnail controls. I use drupal 7 and went through a head scratching period comparing modules and looking for one working on D7. Nivo appear to be quite stable and easy to configure but... as you 've already report thumbnails controls parameters just don't work.
One funny think is that I have twice the control "Image style for use in thumbs" ??? Do you too ??

I specify that I have 15 to 20 pictures per slideshow wich means I will also have to solve a another matter: presenting only 4 or 5 thumbnails at a time with a carousel display (I want the slideshow to run the whole set of pictures and the thumbnails controls going forward accordingly).

hope you will be able to work the thumbs issue out.

best regards and thanks for all your work.

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Priority: Major » Normal

Using the latest dev, I can get thumbnails to show. They are just not styled, hence stacking on each other.
Direction navigator does not seems to cause any problem or interfere with the thumbnail control.

The thumbnail's img tag is populated just fine.

I do not see duplicate settings on my test site. As I mentioned earlier, it is not styled.

Am happy to test if anyone can contribute the CSS style and also handling of long list of thumbnails.

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I also see the same behaviour as k.echo, with two fields marked "Image style for use in thumbs". Looking through the output source it appeared they were for different settings.

I can't check again as I have given up in favour of the more stable and functional Views Slideshow.

@ckng, the img tags dont populate in my environment as can be seen from the source I posted. The CSS has nothing to do with that as there is no img source.

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For those of you like me who had two options for the thumbnails (including one that wouldn't disappear), these settings finally got the thumbnails to appear for me, using the latest dev release.

Note: The images stacking (CSS) issue still applies, so adjust your stylesheets accordingly.

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@synth3tk I tried those exact settings, with the current dev snapshot, but I just get the dot pager.

Settings: http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1ks4o/eax3?size=o
Output: http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1ks4o/1psv

Looking at the CSS it looks like the wrong styles are being applied. For example the following is the HTML for the dots pager.

<div class="nivo-controlNav">
	<a class="nivo-control" rel="0">
		<img src="http://localhost/.../public/slides/PleiadesHyades_andreo50p_0.jpg" alt="" style="">
	<a class="nivo-control" rel="1">
		<img src="http://localhost/.../public/slides/boomerang_hst_big.jpg" alt="">
	<a class="nivo-control active" rel="2">
		<img src="http://localhost/.../public/slides/NM5ni.jpg" alt="">

It has the thumbnail images in it, but CSS like ".nivoSlider img{...display:none;}" is making them disappear.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Closing this as the real problem is #1362218: Control navigator with thumbnail not styled

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev
Status: Closed (duplicate) » Active

I don't think this is a duplicate issue. The thumbnails are simply not being populated by anything from what I can tell. I changed the version number that this affects to 7.x-3.x-dev since that's what I'm using and the thumbnails aren't being displayed.

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this is definately not a styling issue and I am having exactly the same problem as everyone else. there are two fields for the image style, and no thumbnails appearing.

In my HTML, the generated code is:

<div class="nivo-controlNav nivo-thumbs-enabled"></div>

and no thumbnails. I have tried all combinations of settings, and I cannot get any thumbnails to appear.


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Anyone got this working?

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Any news?

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Try the earlier version of the plugin https://github.com/gilbitron/Nivo-Slider/downloads
has helped me

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I was having issues too. I don't know if this will help, but I chose "bar" from the style options and it seemed to work (it took a couple of tries though).

I also have:
Direction Nav : No
Control Nav : Image with image styles


After posting ^ that, my thumbnail bar randomly disappeared. I ended up downgrading the nivo slider library to 2.7.1 from 3.2 and it seems to be working as expected. I probably had to do this because of https://drupal.org/node/1713210

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Issue summary: View changes
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after changing the library to 2.7.1, it's giving me undefined thumbnail.
Tried both
-Image with image style
-Image with Views field
But give me the same result.

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I am having the same issue displaying thumbnails. Any idea how to fix this