I have just completed building a website on my localhost and now I am trying to move the website to another computer's localhost.

I am using Acquia's Dev Desktop, and I have tried to Import the folder on my second computer with no success.

Any suggestions?



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I will refer to the current computer as 1st computer and the computer that you want to move the website to as 2nd computer.

On the 1st computer do these steps:

1- Download and Install "Backup and Migrate" module on the Drupal website.
2- Go to the configuration menu on the top, then click on Backup and Migrate (it should be in System section)
3- backup a copy of your current Drupal website database, it will be a file with mysql extension, lets call it abc.mysql
4- copy your Drupal website folder and also abc.mysql to the 2nd computer.

On the 2nd computer do these steps:
1- start Acquia Dev Desktop
2- Click on the box below "Go to my site" to open the list of your websites, the last option is "More...", click on More...
3- Click on import..., in site path, give the path to your Drupal site folder, the in Database section, choose "Creat New Database" option (DO NOT CHOOSE I have a MySQL database dump file....)
4- give the same Server name as it had before and click on Import
5- a browser window opens and you should follow the regular path to install a new Drupal website.
6- after finishing that (installing the drupal), go in the modules section and enable the "Backup and Migrate" module.
7- Then go to configuration and click on backup and migrate and then go to the restore tab.
8- browse for abc.mysql (the Drupal database backup from the 1st computer) and click on restore.


the only problem that you might have after it is that the images might not show up, you should link them again.

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To gain a better understanding of what needs to be moved, this page on this site has been a valued gem of mine for 3 years and counting


My best practice for migrating sites has always been to start with the manual move technique at the link above initially. Then for quick backups/transfers subsequently, I use the backup_migrate module to refresh the database on dev installations from the production server.

Also, as you get more comfortable with this, adding git into your workflow will greatly streamline and version control your changes when working from various machines and installations.


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I am having this very same issue, but I am not using Acquia Dev Desktop (I don't know what that is :/) I have done the backup and migrate steps and I have my database file and sites folder all set and ready to go.

All I am trying to do is work on my website locally using MAMP. I had it on my laptop and now I want it on my desktop.

When I try to go to my local URL I get an error message:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
Error message
PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'thomaslong'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in lock_may_be_available() (line 164 of /Users/chrispappamichiel/Sites/thomaslong/includes/lock.inc).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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On my local, I use the root user and password for the mysql database supplied by MAMP. I mean, security-wise, if someone can hack into my laptop's web site running on localhost, I have other larger problems. (-;

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I have faced this problem before. I transfer files manually using FTP (web) or Windows Explorer (transfers between 2 localhosts). But I transfer database using export and import in phpMyAdmin. The problem looks like the settings of your username or password for the database is different in the 2 servers. Go to


make sure the database, username, password is the same in your webserver and your localhost. The host should be 'localhost' now, since you on a local machine. The settings are around line 215 and look like this

$databases = array (
'default' =>
array (
'default' =>
array (
'database' => 'johnexample',
'username' => 'john',
'password' => '1234',
'host' => 'localhost',
'port' => '',
'driver' => 'mysql',
'prefix' => '',

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I am new to drupal and its functionality, so please do forgive my naiveness.
what if i dont want to use Acquia's dev desktop(dunno really what that is)?
is there a way in which i can simply copy the files from one local host to another and restore the original DB in the 2nd computer?
If so, how do i go about doing that?

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i cannot view my site via my acquia drupal dev desktop, i am having an error message of 'localhost not found'. I tried copying my sites folder to another pc where i installed acquia drupal dev desktop afresh and importing my sites folder there but it wouldnt work.
please can someone help me out here?
thanks in advance

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I move working Drupal sites between development machines using Drush (the Drupal Command Line Shell). For example

    drush archive-dump

saves an image of the drupal site files and does a mysql database dump and drush archive-restore restores it. Whilst setting Drush up on Windows was a fiddle (easy on Ubuntu) it saves so much time its worth the learning curve. Not sure if it works on Acquia Development configuration.

The only limitation I have found is when the site has private files stored outside the web server documents root, then you need to zip/tar these archives and move them separately.

BTW I also find it useful to develop using Virtual Machines (VMWare) so I can have multiple complete Drupal + OS setups and test my backup / restore properly, all running on one development computer.

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The site has some good instructions but some minor details are missing:
Computer 1 (has the site).
1. Use Backup and Migrate module to backup and download database (.mysql). Rename to .sql
2. Go to Desktop/Username/Sites. Download the entire directory. Subfolders are DRUPAL, includes, modules, etc.

Computer 2 (moving to)
1. Install Acquia drupal install
2. Go to Desktop/Username/Sites. Create a new site directory
3. Copy the entire contents of the folder in 2. above i.e. subfolders DRUPAL,etc to the new site directory

Then follow the instructions.