there's a really nice module, Context Admin.
the explanation is hard to get, unless you see the videos, but basically it allows you to create pages (usually administrative) through page manager/panels and place on it links (local task) to some administrative tasks, among other things.

you can for example, create a page with path "/admin/manage/banners", and place on it links to create nodes of type "banner", and then add a view to list banners right bellow it.

or when comparing to Total Control Admin,
create a page at "/admin/dashboard/nodes", add links to create any type of node, and then list (or not) the 10 last created nodes as title with links (views)
and same for users, taxonomy, etc, i guess

it would be interesting to see these two modules work together, by having total control use context_admin functionality as a dependency.
total control could perhaps use page manager+panels+context_admin to do all the code for it, and work instead as just a bundle of configurations for page manager/panels.

what you think?


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

That's really all total control is now. Panel panes are provided by both modules - but they can be placed on any pages: Context Admin pages, or Dashboard pages.

I think the two modules already play nicely together, but I'm not sure I see a reason to abandon all default views from total control and depend on context admin. People who are using both modules already have that option, but I don't want to add another dependency if I can help it.