Clean install: drush 7.x-4.4, Drupal 7.4, Chaos Tools 7.x.1.0-beta1, devel 7.x-1.0, views 7.x-1.0-rc1, FPDI 1.4.1, FPDF_TPL 1.2, tcpdf_5_9_102.

Checked admin/report/status and made sure no errors

Used devel to generate 50 nodes of random content

Created a view on the generated content, used defaults (show content teasers with links, published content ordered by post-date)

Created a display pdf on the view, only changed the path to "/test_report_pdf"

Tried view pdf page and ?q=test_report_pdf in all cases a pdf is generated but with no text.


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You need to define where the fields should be placed. By default they are placed all in the left upper corner. It can happened that you cant see anything.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

That was it, thanks!

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It works, thanks. But i need more style configuration, any helps will be appreciated.

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I have this same problem. When displaying the view as Unformatted PDF, there is a link to field format config, so I can make the data visible, but this link apears to be missing when displaying the view as PDF Table, which is what I need. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

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I am having the same problem - it only shows a blank PDF. It will show a background PDF but it still will not display and dynamic data on the PDF page. Please help.

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To expound on @hunziker's response, you also need to set Font Size under Show > PDF Fields > Settings

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I have a simular question but its not the same. Can someone plzz help out?

this is the link to my question :