When I have this module is active, only User 1 can use this feature. I don't see any permissions to adjust this. I have an editor role that I want to be able to use this module. Any guidance is appreciated.


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This module doesn't provide permissions, roles, or access, so the only way your issue appears to be related might be in the sense that both your administrator and editor role need to be allowed to use the filtered HTML input format that is associated with the filter. And yes, you can turn on the filter for more than one format, but be sure that <a> tags are allowed for whatever format the editor role is associated with. If you use it with "Full HTML", make sure your editor role has access to that text format, etc. I'm pretty sure this is the issue? You should be able to select a default format for content type "body" fields and/or other text areas, and ensure that the editor role has access to that text format, etc

I'll work on providing a short, illustrated tutorial for setting up the Internal Links module. Text formats and filters can sometimes be tricky to configure.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

This tutorial should help if you aren't sure how to set up a text format to use a particular format filter. I am not sure how to replicate desroj's issue (and believe this must be a permissions/access issue for the text format), so am marking this issue closed.