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let's try also if this <script> tag doesn't look much friendly

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It's running on sample page and seem work :)
The version for 6.x-2.x will come on the next commit

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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The linkedin share widget doesn't work for IE8 (internet explorer 8) and below. The reason for it is, IE8 doesn't allow data uri's on script elements according to this wikipedia page:

The anchor tag gets replaced with a script tag on IE8 but it doesn't show the LinkedIn share button. If you comment out the following lines from linkedin_share_widget.js

//script_obj.setAttribute("data-url", $(this).attr('href'));
//if (Drupal.settings.ws_lsb.countmode != '') {
//  script_obj.setAttribute("data-counter", Drupal.settings.ws_lsb.countmode);

The share button appears on IE8. However if you click it, it only shares the homepage/domain name, obviously because there's no "data-url" attached to the script element.

I don't have a fix for this yet, but thought I'd raise the issue in hopes that someone else has a fix for it. I've searched everywhere on Google and the issue tracker but couldn't find anyone reporting the same issue, and on google even if I found reports there were no solutions.

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have you tried to visualize the home page project? I don't see anything wrong with this widget

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