First of all let me say - its a very nice theme. What I am missing is a local.css or some way of customizing it without breaking it for future updates. How do I do that?

Documentation would be highly appreciated.



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Here's the solution, follow the steps provided below:

1. please create your custom css file in your theme's css folder.

2. call your local.css in your openpublic_eu.info file like,

- "stylesheets[all][] = css/local.css"
- local.css is your custom css file name in which you can add your custom css.

Also create a patch file for your theme, which would help you for restroing your customized changes back after future upgrade to theme.

Please refer to this link for creating patch with drupal.

Follow below steps to upgrade your theme:

1) Take backup of your custom css file.
2) Upgrade newer version of theme
3) Place your custom css file into css folder.
4) Apply your created patch
5) Clear cache