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MD5: 8b891fef746bd5adc216ce158e04e072
SHA-1: bffec6e2a82106d6774c44ee88c9039f8a8bc7f3
SHA-256: fdfbc7c11478bc8a5f68adb84bc8f4abc6ca2ce74430e428dbb6124523284e4d
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MD5: cdee35139859d3d8ae24b7daa96293c4
SHA-1: 5d7aab6e7fe4f729c7889e8c2b5a0e039df1d20d
SHA-256: 90db7dbb1d2621eb5251af545fd7586a0dcaed40da8d4aa4cb712604977bd4aa

Release info

Created by: Jose Reyero
Created on: 5 Jul 2011 at 09:37 UTC
Last updated: 23 Apr 2014 at 19:00 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Fixed many issues and reworked string API.

c162724 Issue #1205692 by zambrey: Fixed several errors during i18n_taxonomy() update from 6.x.
c93dafa Issue #1197866 by jox: Fixed () does not get passed correctly in i18n_field_field_widget_form().
bcc879a Issue #1194234 by luisortiz: Fixed i18nsync uses a translation function but doesn't require the module.
164c85d Improved log messages and texts for text group operations
d96df86 Issue #1193274: Fixed Fatal error: Cannot use object of type i18n_string_object() as array.
43e65bc Fixed issues with taxonomy translation, reimplementing with object translation and advanced caching.
21537ea Fixed issues with setting string value and language code not passed around. Added per-textgroup hidden
8fcb7cb API and performance improvements, better caching for multiple translations and object translation.
69ecb1a Improved field translations and string handling. String objects are passed around instead of complex da
a235d9f Fixed issues with previous commits. Introduced some more overridable functions for object translation.
19e8913 Fixed: object being translated to default language too. Removed some debug messages.
327d543 Issue #1185644: API improvements. Added some internal caching (properties) in i18n_string_object_wrappe
2e65e56 Issue #1188484 by fietserwin: Fixed field labels get repeated on edit form for multi value field widget
1b2a734 Issue #1185644: API improvements. Better formatting options. Moved debug option to textgroup level.
e9f3561 Issue #1185644: API improvements. Cleaned and improved multiple translation functions.
d859cdd Issue #1185644: API improvements. Renamed and moved around functions for consistency.
44418fa Issue #1185644: API improvements. Better handling of source strings.
109d2bb Issue #1185644: API improvements. Added i18n_string_object() to handle strings. Adding better caching f
6080fd9 Issue #1185644: API improvements. Moving functions around to the right files. Needs cache updating.
02bf4ae Issue #1185644: API improvements. Reordered functions. Improved object translation with some static cac
880582f Issue #1186692: Fixed Problems in upgrade path on i18n_string().
87c6987 Issue #1169120: Changed Delete strings from textgroup when uninstalling module. Error after uninstallin
f6799bc Issue #1186996: Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_strings() in i18n_string()/i18n_strin
2f33db8 Issue #1185644: API improvements. Added hook_i18n_string_objects() for a module to return translatable
937516e Issue #1185644: API improvements. Improved format access checking. Renamed i18n_string_object to i18n_s
15a732d Issue #1185644: API improvements. Simplified path handling for string translation. Not needed anymore i
c33fe1b Issue #1185644: API improvements. Renamed 'contact' object to 'contact_category' for consistency and to
c57f7da Issue #1185644: API improvements. Removed unused functions, replaced some others.
41d41b5 Issue #1185644: API improvements, added object wrappers for strings too
056e5fc Issue #1185644: API improvements, added object wrappers


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