please excuse me if this has been brought up before. I could not find a thread though that covers this issue.

My suggestion regards the way 2nd+ level containers are being displayed in advanced forums. Right now, every container lower than first level basically shows as a forum, without its own header.

It is hard for me to explain exactly so it is best if I used some illustrations.

Initial setup (screenshot 1):
To be able to separate different parts of forums, e.g. for different users or different topics that need more structure, I have created 3 top-level-containers. On the main forum page the display shows like this (screenshot 2), which is perfect for the top level.

Selecting one top level container:
If you click one of the top-level containers (screenshot 3) though, you cannot really distinguish (sub-)forums from containers any more, which makes it hard to create a clean structure with distinct sections below top level.

This could be highly improved in my opinion, if containers always get a unique view which makes it them the primary element for structuring and ordering forums and parts of it. So concerning the above example, clicking one of the top-level-containers could e.g. display as shown in screenshot 4, compared to the way it is right now (screenshot 3). Probably it would be easier to create complex structures this way since not every element in lower levels is being shown in just one single table.


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Title: Display of (sub-)containers » Display of (sub-)containers (if not below forum)
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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
Status: Active » Postponed

At this point, it doesn't make sense to mess with the structure in D6 anymore. Moving this to D7 and postponing until there is a 3.x branch.

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Status: Postponed » Active
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I am currently using AF 7x 2.1
I agree. I think the forum containers are TOO collapsed in their current state, they are like screenshot 3 (in above comments).
I would much prefer screenshot 4(in above comments) with each forum on it's own line.
I have included a screen capture of my forum showing it is hard to read the forums names inside the containers (see screen capture attachment below) or you can view the page on my site here: www.vend-resource.com/forum
If somebody could point me to the code, I would be willing to try working on implementing this.

Frank :)