When trying Content Access with Rules, I found that the "reset content permissions" action didn't go all the way to reset the permissions.

The permissions are reset to the configuration at the access tab for the content type, but I had to *resave* the node's acccess tab for the changes to take effect.

The "grant content permissions by role" (and also revoke) works just as expected.

Steps to reproduce:

* Enable per-node access settings for a selected content type.
* Add a reaction rule that changes the node access *on node view* (not node save), resetting them to default.
* Manually revoke the view access for anonymous users.
* View the node (as administrator).
* Inspect the access settings on the node's access page -> the anonymous checkbox is checked
* In another browser, visit the node -> you get access denied
* As admininstrator, again, save the tab with the access settings -> the anonymous user is allowed to view

I found these two issues relating to resetting permissions (though with different problems):
#1043736: Reset content permissions - rules
#728066: "Reset to Defaults"... which defaults though?


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Confirmed, all grants need node_access_acquire_grants() to apply the new grants to the affected node. Committed a new version that should fix it.

Btw, your issue report is just perfect!

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Works like a charm!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.