Is the path relative to the drupal root? Might be nice to add to the field description text.

Need some changes for private:// and public://


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path to which file? Please clarify your question :)

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Sorry. Should have said "Path To Keyfile " in admin/settings/aes.

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You may use both relative and absolute path. To use absolute you need it to be enabled in PHP settings.

In Drupal 7 you may even use constructions like private://... or public://...

Module assumed moderate Drupal/OS admin skills so it is obvious for most users.

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This is important to anyone using Pantheon or another cloud hosting solution. dpovshed, you should not assume the skill level of user installing this module as it is a recommended/required module for other modules such as Commerce UPS. Not criticizing, just FYI.

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Thank you 2ndmile to pointing my attention to this, will keep this in mind!

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To use private:// or public:// the following fixes are needed:

< if (file_exists(variable_get("aes_key_path", "")) && is_writable(drupal_realpath(variable_get("aes_key_path", ""))) == FALSE && variable_get("aes_key_storage_method", "Database") == "File") {
> if (file_exists(variable_get("aes_key_path", "")) && is_writable(variable_get("aes_key_path", "")) == FALSE && variable_get("aes_key_storage_method", "Database") == "File") {
< $fp = @fopen(drupal_realpath($form_state['values']['aes_key_path']), "a");
> $fp = @fopen($form_state['values']['aes_key_path'], "a");

and the .module:

diff aes.module*
< $key = file_get_contents(drupal_realpath(variable_get("aes_key_path", "")));
> $key = file_get_contents(variable_get("aes_key_path", ""));
< $fp = fopen(drupal_realpath(variable_get("aes_key_path", "")), "w");
> $fp = fopen(variable_get("aes_key_path", ""), "w");
< drupal_set_message(t("Couldn't write key to file '" . drupal_realpath(variable_get("aes_key_path", "")))."'", "error");
> drupal_set_message(t("Couldn't write key to file " . variable_get("aes_key_path", "")), "error");
< $result = unlink(drupal_realpath(variable_get("aes_key_path", "")));
> $result = unlink(variable_get("aes_key_path", ""));