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Blocks are used to show extra information on pages, as is often seen in the left or right columns of a page.

Adding a 'Contact Information' block

Many websites include contact information in the sidebars. This is a very straightforward task to accomplish with Drupal.

  1. Click Administer>>Site building>>Blocks.
  2. Click the "Add block" tab.
    block add image
  3. Fill in the "Description" and "Body." Here's a sample body:
  4. Example Organization<br>
    123 Main St.<br>
    Mytown, State Zip<br>
    (123) 456-7890
  5. Save the block.
  6. Now you can "Configure" the block to add the block's title and define it's "Visibility".block add image
  7. Follow the Configure link next to the block and enter "Contact Information" as the block's title.
  8. Decide if you want to allow users to turn the block on or off, and, if so, which roles should have that ability. Leave this as is for now. The next section allows you to choose which pages the block will be shown on; Leave this empty to show the block on all pages.
  9. Save the block.
  10. Now you're back on the block list. Find the block you just created in the list and choose a "Region". You can use the "Weight" parameter to set its position with in the selected area. For example, if you like the address at the bottom, you can use a heavier weight.
  11. Click the "Save blocks" button.

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