I do not know what happened. After upgrading to Drupal 7.4, the localization client module does not work well with the administrative theme (Seven), some problems:

-he's killing all javascript, WYSIWYG, status bar, cascading items

it does not increase, by clicking on the bar nothing happens, and check on my theme based on Zen, it works perfectly.

This error did not occur in version 7.2 of Drupal.

I applied the tweaks suggested in other issues


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

"Applied the tweaks suggested in other issues" is as vague as you can get. That alone can break your site setup/javascript. Does the module work with a plain Drupal 7.4 without other modules installed? How do you came to the conclusion that it is l10n_client that breaks everything else and not something else breaking l10n_client as well as others?

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Using the original version 7-x e 7-dev gives the error. Also tested with my theme and worked. The problem is compatibility with Seven theme. I will open an issue there too.