Needs to have fields so user can add at least Email address, optional First and Last name


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

As we discussed, anonymous users can only use free form lists, which display all the MC merge fields, with optional default values for authenticated users.

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I've got the free form list selected and my one and only list from Mail Chimp selected. But under the email field the system says: "Email is required and must map to a Drupal user's email" and anonymous users are not able to subscribe. How do I get the system to allow anonymous users to subscribe?

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I was also confused by this and didn't expect it to work...

But I just tried to select 'anonymous user' under 'Roles' and under 'Merge Fields', 'Name' for both 'First Name' and 'Last Name'.

I then proceeded to activate the block, opened up another browser, and there was the form. I filled it out, pressed submit and whaddaya know: I got a confirmation message ("You have subscribed to Test newsletter") and the user was registered for the newsletter, and showed up immediately in my MailChimp List.

So it actually works, even though it looks like it wouldn't :-)

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In the 6.x version of the code all merge fields other than email address were optional. There was a option.
Is it really necessary to ask for all of these fields? I don't think that MailChimp requires them.

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I'm also thinking we shouldn't have to ask for all of these fields. Full address is not important to our organization .

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Alright, I feel dumb. :) Anyone else stumbling on this issue - the fields are also controlled on the mailchimp side. So, if you have a list with a Full Address field, it will also generate on the anon signup which is a feature really. I could see this still being configurable in the UI whether to show all fields or only required fields.