Just checking in to see if someone is upgrading this module to D7. Maybe someone has this in a sandbox or is thinking of running it through Coder's "auto" upgrader.

Anyways, would be useful to know who might be able to help with this.


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I think the plan is to use profile 2 if you are looking for a d7 solution.

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Ok, so this module has been depreciated in D7 for http://drupal.org/project/profile2

That works. Has all the functionality been migrated over?

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Is there any D7 code written for Content Profile? I know about the plan to migrate over to Profile2 but I have a need for Content Profile still and I'm willing to put in some effort to get it running on D7. I swear I saw a development version of D7 a white ago but now cannot find a record of it in git. Thanks for any help you can provide.