I've updated jquery_ui 6.x.1.4 to jquery 6.x-1.5
but I keep getting
"The jQuery UI plugin is missing. Download and extract it into the sites/all/libraries directory. Rename the extracted folder to jquery.ui." in my status report
I've unzipped jquery.ui on "sites/all/libraries" as described on the readme.txt

thanks taking time to reply


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Ditto, same issue. I'd really appreciate any advice or help on this. Thx

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I think I found the solution, you need to install the "libraries" module "http://drupal.org/project/libraries"

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This is exasperating.

After a server upgrade to PHP and MySQL 5.5 a lot of stuff didn't work, the date popups handled by jquery being one of them.

I had all the Drupal modules in place, but it simply wouldn't work. Then I noticed the error in the Status Report, as reported by hicham7.

I didn't have the libraries module installed, so I'm not sure why the status report would even tell me that. So I tried all avenues.

Installed Libraries API, and placed the jquery_ui folder there, and renamed it to jquery.ui. Didn't get rid of the message.

So I went the old route, extracted jquery_ui into the jquery_ui module folder and renamed it to jquery.ui and added another ui folder under that, and copied the .js files there. No joy.

If I had any hair I'd pull out.