Hey all,

I have recently installed menu per role for my drupal 7.2 site. I tried to use menu per role on some of my tabs, after I get the error message to apply the patch, I tried applying the latest patch but none of them did anything. A few days later I was editing some views and noticed the option to enable a view based on the role. I set the first view for the admin and authenticated user. Then I set another view for anonymous users (for welcome pages). After I set the welcome for anonymous users I could no longer access any page of my site. After deleting menu per role most of the functionality of my site was back to normal. Sadly when I click on strucuture in the admin menu it will just go to a blank white screen, I tried deleting the welcome anom view but when i click delete it will go to a blank white screen.

If you could please get this resolved that would be great. I am excited about this module since I can not find another module that will hide the menu items.


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After rebuilding my permissions I fixed most of my problems. it would be great if you could roll out another version of menu per role so that I can use its functionality.

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Hi platipusse,

It looks like the problem would be the .tar.gz/.zip files. These seem to include an older and/or 6.x instead of the expected 7.x version. I updated a character to see whether it will regenerate properly. It should show a new version within 12h.

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

See #1202436: The download for 7.x-1.x-dev looks like 6.x

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Status: Active » Fixed

Okay, I fixed the mess in the repository so it should be all fixed. Let me know if you still have problems. Please, re-open this issue if the problems persist.

Thank you.

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