Allowing users to reply to private messages by replying to the email notification will make this module much more usable. Perhaps it should be integrated with mail handler to do so


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Authentication/Authorization is a important concern, and I'm not sure that "Authentication is usually based on the From: email address" (from mailhandlers project page) is secure enough.

Another point is identification of the message to which this is a response to.

Maybe some kind of token that is added to the message subject..

I have no plans to work on something like this in the near future, but if someone else wants to, I'll review any patches and support the Privatemsg part. Should be a seperate sub-module though, not part of pm_email_notify IMHO.

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Authentication could be handled in a similar way as Mail Comment
Mail Comment - "This is a gateway module for responding to posts via email. It links outgoing Notifications emails with incoming email responses via Mailhandler using a combination of mail parameters and digital signatures."

If responses to private messages were just comments (are they?), then Mail Comment should be able to handle everything.


Message ID [privatemsg_message:mid]	The unique ID of the message
Thread ID	 [privatemsg_message:thread-id]	The unique ID of the thread.
URL [privatemsg_message:url]	URL that points to the message. 

Tokens in the message subject would be the ideal way to prepare the response email to be properly handled by Mailhandler (or a similar module).

I don't know much coding (i just know about all the dif. modules), but i would be glad to help test patches. Thanks

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No, private messages are not like comments, but that mailcomment module might serve as a starting poing/example implementation to anyone who is interested in writing this...

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so each private message is an entity, and each response to the initial pm is also an entity? So they are just entities connect with relationships?

Or are they not entities? (i assume that they are because you can field them)

i opened an issue under Mail Comment for integration, but it seems that this will not be possible now. #1199518: Private Messages Integration

Thanks Berdir
- you should consider making a donation website where people can propose features, then you label each task with a dollar amount, then the community can start donating towards particular features. i would throw down for this, but it would probably not be enough to entice you.

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Yes, private messages are entities which share a common thread_id, there are no relationships between them.

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Man i would love see this.

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Very much in need of this too, for a project site. The need for people to be able to reply by email with their mobile phone is very handy. I'm surprised that this does not exist in Drupal yet.

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Title: Reply to massages via email » Reply to messages via email

No massages being given via email :-) Just correcting the title

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Any update on this?

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I'm considering implementing this, as I just switched from contact to privatemsg on and lots of members are mad at me :-)

Pointers to other related modules or technologies are requested from anybody who has researched this.

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Would be nice if it plays together with Mailcomment, currently dependent on Mailhandler, Notifications and Messaging. I have disabled this in the past on a few sites because of the load of modules slowing everything down; a more light-weight solution might a good alternative. As far as I see myself using email solutions in sites, i'd always use mailcomment when using a private message email reply solution.

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Is someone already making a mailhandler plugin for privatemsg by any chance?

and: in the drupal settings, I can specify a global reply-to email address, can this address not be replied with the author's email each time a message is sent? that way my users could continue to converse directly without going to the website.

either solutions is great!

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rfay, have you made any progress on implementing this yet? I'm getting some flak from my customers who are irritated that they have to log in to respond to messages... would love to get them off my back!

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No, I haven't started but did a small evaluation of the comment reply solution, which made me worry. I do expect to work on this in the next few months.

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has anyone made any progress on this that I can pick up on?



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I am now doing this (6.x) with Mandrill Incoming and Mandrill. I am implementing Mandrill Incoming's hooks in a forked pm_notify (d6 again). Current implementation is at

It's working pretty well.

It does not really have any dependency on the Mandrill module.

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Issue summary: View changes

If you use Mandrill with Drupal 7, you may be interested in Mandrill Inbound module.

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I have similar requirement where I want to reply on Emails (notifications) and that reply should get added on particular thread. I don't understand how to do it. I am using Drupal version 7.28 and "privatemsg" module. anyone?
Thanks in advance.

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I love this module and everything it does is exactly perfect. It's light weight and extremely user-friendly and easy to setup. The last remaining thing is this. The ability to reply to a message via email and then have that be reflected on the user's message thread. Is there any progress on this matter? I wished I had the time to look into this myself, would have loved to help accomplish this feature. Unfortunately, don't have the time to dedicate to it.

Any new contrib modules that might help?

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev

The Mandrill Inbound module is said to support this on its project page; I will look into this later myself, but just curious if anyone is using this feature and how much trouble it was to set up.

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+ 1

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I had been looking around for how to generate private message replies via email. The other modules I found were either outdated or required other modules (e.g. Services or Rules) that were not needed.

I've put together the Mandrill Inbound API that builds the foundation for other modules to now hook into and handle inbound emails (e.g. replies to private message notifications). It does require the Mandrill module, however that should hopefully be a reasonable expectation. :-)

Now to go along with that module is the Mandrill Inbound API Private Message.

Both modules are tagged as alpha releases as we're going through additional testing, but so far things are looking good. If you're still looking for private message reply-by-email, feel free to try those modules out and let me know if there are any issues.

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Look Good. Planning to use this feature.

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Great news, thanks everyone for working on this. +1 Our nonprofit might have some funds here soon(ish) to pay for the development of this feature if anyone is interested.