Hi I got this theme working with most extras.

On my mac the nivo slider banner rotation works perfect on FF and Chrome. On my system at home (xp, IE8) the banner area is not displaying any images. I just see the black background and the little dots below alternating.

Is there a way to make this work on IE8? Or is there an alternative I can use to rotate the images through the banner?

Am using views, views_nivo_slider, ctools and of course this theme.



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Update: even if I just use the in-theme funcionality (without ctools, views and views_nivo_slider) for the basic slideshow the slideshow will not function (i.e. not show any images) on the IE8.

Any ideas anyone?

I read somewhere that there is comma in some scriptfile (unfortunately the post did not say in which file!) that you have to remove, for this to work in IE7 and IE8. That was on the nivo website. So maybe it is a problem of the nivo plugin?

Be that as it may: since the banner rotation on the homepage is a big deciding factor for this theme it is important that it works on all plattforms. Negating the Internet Explorer (even if I do not use it) is not an option, because it leaves the IE users with an uncomplete theme.

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We're not completely ignoring IE. We're going to support >= IE8. but the theme as it is right now might not work 100% in IE since it has not been properly tested. One of the reasons it's still in dev. But issues like this help us test it and make it compatible.

I'm debugging the the nivo slider right now. Looks like something to do with the plugin itself. I'll update here when i find something.

Thanks Paul

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I just tested the theme with the IE8 64bit and 32bit.

For me the slider is working but not properly. It really looks horrible. The immages are not rotating smoothly.

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I just tested the nivo slider on the developementpage (http://nivo.dev7studios.com/)

Its working fine with FF and Chrome but has massive problems with IE8.

So I guess Arshad is completly right by guessing it i a problem with the slider itself.

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Let's keep this open. I'm trying to figure out what's the issue with Nivo plugin on IE.

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Priority: Normal » Major
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Are there any news about the slider in IE 8?

Or are there any alternative scripts I can use to rotate the images in the banner area?


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In sites/all/modules/nivo_formatter/nivo_formatter.js, comment out the line that says console.log(nf_setting);

This made it work in IE8 and a few other browsers for me. Don't know if it's wise to comment this line out - but hey - it seems to work. Took me 2 days hard work and research to narrow it down to that.

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