I'd venture to say yes. Reports is only one possible implementation of Google Analytics API. Having the API bundled with reports is confusing and will also (my guess) prevent adoption of the API in other projects. There is a history of separating out pure API modules (Image API, AWS SDK, CTools, Entity API etc.).

What do you think? If this change is to be made better now than after 1.0.


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Title: Should there be separate Google Analytics API and Google Analytics Reports? » Should Google Analytics API and Google Analytics Reports be separate projects?
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We prefer to keep the current structure: separate API and report modules, but in the same project. I also think the most important value of this project is a simple, easy to install report, and keeping them together reduces the burden on that audience. We do encourage other developers to use the API, and have documented it on the handbook page. As you can see there are at least 4 modules using the API:

While some projects choose to separate their modules, others keep them together: Views, CCK, Migrate, Date, and Notifications to name a few.

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I would still argue that this situation is a bit different. A better example would be a field module (say link) shipping with the CCK API. This doesn't make sense as link isn't a canonical implementation or use case for CCK. Similarly there are many strong use cases for GA API beyond reports so I see know reason to ship the api with one implementation.

My 2 cents anyhow. I'll drop the issue now. At the end of the day we're still talking about exactly the same code in either situation. Thanks again for taking over development of the project and all the work invested.

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I am also voting to free Google Analytics API as a separate module.

For the Google Analytics Counter module (from the example list above), until recently it was necessary to download Google Analytics Reports and then enable only its submodule Google Analytics API. That was not easy to explain to users.
Even worse, Google Analytics Reports also required them to enable module Chart, which was completely irrelevant for Google Analytics Counter.

For this reason, as of branch 7.x.-2.0 the Google Analytics Counter is independent from Google Analytics API. However, if the API module ever becomes separate, I am willing to consider rewriting the Google Analytics Counter to use the API (as it should, in an ideal world).

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Thanks for the feedback, we don't have any plans to create separate projects right now.

Chart should not be required to use the API module. The info file reflects this, but if there's a problem in this regard more detail would be appreciated.