I am having trouble getting clean url's to work on my hosted greengeeks site. Under the clean URL button the enable option is disabled. I have looked at my .htaccess file as someone had recommended. The file is blank. If I put some garbage in the file i get a 500 error which according to the post means that the server is using it. However is is blank so I don't know what to add.



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This should be supported in GreenGeeks server, are your site new installed, or migrated from some other place?

For the first case, contact GreenGeeks support, they should be able to help you out.

For the latter one, it might be .htaccess issue. You can test it by setting up a new Drupal site and enable clean URL

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Dear Keith,

Did you get the solution for clean url? Are you using Drupal 6 or 7? FYI, I am also one of greengeeks hosting customer and still does not have the solution for drupal 7 enable clean url function.


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Why can't I delete this. Bad drupaling, drupal.org.

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Did anyone find a solution for this? I'm working on it right now in D7. I *did* contact greengeeks support, and they pointed me to the 'enabling clean urls' page here on drupal.org, which is a fantastic resource, but a bit broad. I'm really disappointed that they don't have a more 'precise' resolution tailored to their particular server setup. For a site which bills itself as 'Drupal-friendly' you'd think they'd come across this enough to have some answers ready. (This is on a stock D7 install with the default .htaccess...)

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Can you post .htaccess here? This looks odd. GreenGeeks apache comes with url rewrite enabled, it should work fine for Drupal.

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It was the default Drupal7 .htaccess. I believe that Rewritebase / is commented out by default, and I had to uncomment it to get it to work.

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I also uploaded the default .htaccess file that comes with Drupal 7... I uncommented the Rewritebase / line, but still no clean URLs...

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Just in case anyone runs into this issue, GreenGeeks has posted a small walkthrough on the subject. It works well for me.