Last updated on
19 February 2017

Native file management plugins of editor libraries

The Wysiwyg module does not support the native file management plugins of any editor.

That is, because Drupal core has a built-in file API to record and store "managed" file records; i.e., the system knows and keeps track of files that have been uploaded (through any module) by a user, as well as how often and where a file is used. Furthermore, user access permissions to individual files need to be taken into account, too. And lastly, it is technically possible to "share" managed files between modules; i.e., to re-use them in different scenarios, or for different content. An editor's native file manager would circumvent all of this internal logic.

Instead, there are a couple of contributed Drupal modules that integrate with Wysiwyg module to expose a so called "Drupal plugin" that works in all editors that support Drupal plugins. These plugins basically use Drupal's native file handling support to upload and manage files (typically in an own/custom dialog). If an editor provides means to expose "Browse" buttons wherever files/URLs/etc could be selected by an end-user, then those plugins additionally try to adjust the editor configuration so that the "Browse" buttons are opening the module's file browser and return the result to the editor's editing widget.

An example for this is IMCE Wysiwyg. Another example could be Media, but as of now, Media module does not attempt to integrate with an editor's native widgets for linking to/embedding files/URLs/etc.