Hi, I created a CSS and some Icons to extend the Admin-Pannel with some Icons (near each menu)..

This is my Blog Post (I'm Italian, so it's in italian.. I'lltranslate it if I'll have time! )

Let me know... it uses CSS2 and PNG with Alpha Transparency adn wordk (I hope) over any theme for Drupal 5.x

this is the URL: http://my.opera.com/thePanz/blog/drupal-icone-nel-pann-di-amministrazione

Bye .. and let me know! :)



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here is another generic 'iconise' tutorial from thecssguy for all kinds of document icons or links within a site with css


Links to external sites
Indicates a mailto: link
Links to pdf files
Links to Word files
Links to Excel files
more of file types can be add with right syntax
- video, sound, youtube embeded video, your own mini logo icon, and you can make more customised ones...


a[href *="yoursite.com/"] { 
	padding-right: 20px;
	background: transparent url(icons/myminilogo.gif) no-repeat center right;
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Hi, I used the second tutorial from theCssGuy site! :)

Do you think I sould add all-of-them into my "mod" and then publish it? or add it into a module.. or is a damn bad idea/solution?

When I'll have time I'll try to translate my post in English, but I think that it's clear how it works! :)

Let me know! :)



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Hi, thePanz
I am not a module developer really to say about a module, and not sure what you mean by my 'mod' ~ your files is a css styles document and your icon files to integrate to individual themes, but yes, a proper module (let's call it iconizer.module?) would be interesting so no need to alter individual Themes but just install the module! If you can do this would be nice

If you do such module i would also suggest option on the module settings page

-activate/deactivate on/off icons for admin
-activate/deactivate icons for documents
(following thecssguy iconization examples on his site, you can make some most common formats as default
and I found someone made further work on this
all those can be default document icons set
maybe some extra maybe :)

and option to add more icons for users
> type document format/extention field i.e [.ttf] for a font [.exif] camera image format etc

(we have zillion of them :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_file_formats)

> upload the icon or an icon (sizes must be 16x16 or 12x12 pixels etc.

long list? ideas are easy, to make them work is difficult :) just some sprung to my mind after saw your site and i red your post


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I created a module (my first module, 3 hours of work reading docs and Drupal-API) called "Iconizer". It allows to:

1. Add icons into Admin Panel
2. Add icons to files-link
3. Add icons to protocols links (like mailto: or skype: etc ..)

you can download my alpha version here: http://files.myopera.com/thePanz/blog/iconizer.zip or read my (italian) description here: http://my.opera.com/thePanz/blog/drupal-icone-nel-pann-di-amministrazione

It's using my old admin icon-set, and other icons from http://www.pooliestudios.com/projects/iconize/

I tested it with Drupal 5.1, using standard Garland Theme.. it seem to work :)

Let me know! Bye!



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I've noticed that icons are not showing up in Firefox v2.0. Do you know why?

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I've got it now. I simply needed to refresh the cache :-)

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I've got it now. I simply needed to refresh the cache :-)

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Thanks for your module

How can I convert it to Drupal 6.1.x?