Creating contextual block layouts with Delta and Context is really great.

However, when CTools Page manager comes into play, the Delta-Content-type relation breaks and the system falls back to the custom Omega block layout.


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I think what you are trying to say is that "Node type" contexts don't apply on pages that you created with the Page Manager... Right? So in that case I don't see the relation to Omega / Delta. This is a Context problem at the most and I am not really sure about that either. As soon as you are modifying your pages with the Page Manager those can't be seen as the "true" node pages. In those cases you should probably use the
Contexts instead of the simple node type contexts.

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"In those cases you should probably use the Contexts instead of the simple node type contexts."

like that, in my setup, I have to create a new Context for every page, which is nonsense.

Maybe I have to explain my problem in more detail:

I have a layout order which causes problems. From top to bottom:

- Six sub-menus in Sub-menu blocks in Sub-menu region (on the very top)
- Logo in Branding block in the Header region
- Splash-image in Splash-image block in the Header region
- Main-menu in Menu-block in Header region
- Main-title, lead-text, body-text in Content
– Six sub-menus in Sub-menu blocks in Footer region

All content, including the Splash image is created on one single node type.

Here comes the problem:
In the above setup, the splash image is situated in a block. Therefore it is not context sensitive (which it should be).

The solution:
- Six sub-menus in Sub-menu block
- Logo in Branding block
– Splash-image, main-menu, main-title, lead-text and body-text in a Panel-layout in the content (content-type-take-over with CTools Page manager (in intended order and all elements context-sensitive)).
- Six sub-menus in Sub-menu block in the Footer region

Like that, I cannot get different block layouts from Delta. Context does not deliver.

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Hey Thomas,

You can use wildcards in path contexts. So "foo/bar/*" will match every page that has a preceding /foo/bar path... Also, you can place multiple pathes in the path textarea (one per line). Doesn't that work for you?

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Hallo fubhy

"node/1" under the Path condition in Context works!

Thank you

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However, node/1 only addresses the node with the ID 1... node/* adresses all nodes.

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