How can I have the parent menu items for the superfish menu remain unlinked while having the submenu items linked?



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You can use this module.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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how can i use that with drupal 7 ????

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I asked the same thing a while back and was also told to use Special Menus. Unfortunately there is no Drupal 7 version of that module, and in fact the module page says:

Maintenance status: Abandoned
Development status: Obsolete

So I had to just make up some silly content for the parent items in my menus, that told people to please explore the options in the sub menus. Submenus is not even a word I'd like to ask my site visitors to think about! But I never found another solution short of stopping my life to learn php. Bless all you devs who do know php and contribute to Drupal. The rest of us are just lost without you and have site pages that say things like "Interested in events? Please explore the events in the list that drops down when you hover over the Events link."


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oh thanks kazar. well i think i'm gonna do the same with the parent link in my website

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just to note, the special menu project listed above is now maintained and available for drupal 7

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Fails for superfish, borks up my menu.