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SHA-1: 86561a87749cad3ee2c0ee42da49e7cc47e1d51e
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Release info

Created by: fago
Created on: 16 Jun 2011 at 15:55 UTC
Last updated: 16 Jun 2011 at 15:56 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

There are important API changes for all modules that implement exportable entities with the help of the entity API module. Short, entity_load() now always returns numeric ids (instead of names as it was the case previously) and exportables have to use the now separated EntityAPIControllerExportable class.

Refer to #1027908-50: entity_load() should return entities keyed by ID, not name for more details and examples for necessary code changes.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta8:

  • #1175662 improved generated views integration to make use of specified options lists for filters.
  • #1175662 improved generated views integration for entity relationships to include directly usable fields/filter/arguments/sorts on the relationship field. Also removed support for the deprecated 'views field' property - use 'schema field' instead.
  • #1027908 patch by fago, drunken monkey: API change - entity_load() should always return entities keyed by ID, not name. See #1027908-50 for details.
  • fixed some possible notices in the views and entity metadata controllers.
  • #1110320 patch by fago: Only auto-generate property info for entity types using the CRUD controller if there is none yet.
  • #1123236 patch by fago: Using hook_entity_info_alter to add bundles results in Notices on manage fields.
  • #1077148 patch by fago, becw, bojanz: add a generic entity-view row plugin for views.
  • #1002700 patch by sun, fago: entity_save() should not accept object arguments by reference.
  • #1155512 patch by fago: fixed using taxonomy term tokens.
  • #1126928 patch by bojanz, Damien Tournoud: Provide a generic loader for menu items.
  • #1109828 patch by bojanz, fago: Document how defaults for entity properties should be provided.
  • #1162210 follow-up: patch broke tests, fixed that.
  • #1162210 patch by fangel: fixed statistics modules' entity properties.
  • improved the wrapper to throw an exeption if one of multiple entities cannot be loaded, such as it is for a single-wrapped entity.
  • #1027908 patch by drunken monkey: some entity controller comment fixes.
  • fixed entity_property_query() to behave as documented and improved tests.
  • fixed creation of wrappers with a list of entity objects.
  • #1151146 fixed properties (comment parent, poll winner) to be empty instead of throwing an exception.
  • #1122812 API Change: remove entity_exportable_schema_fields() from hook_schema() implementations.
  • #1124558 patch by bojanz: entity_delete_multiple should support deletion callbacks.
  • #1095360 Comment defaults are not applied during node creation
  • #1140044 Don't return options list for term reference fields with free tagging
  • #1115006 patch by me and lucor: aligned the signature of the wrapper constructors with entity_metadata_wrapper().
  • #1142634 Undefined variables: entity_type & entity in Entity->label() in Entity class.
  • #1135332 patch by Damien Tournoud: EntityDefaultRulesController should expose the unchanged entity.
  • #1084042 patch by quazardous: Entity property summary doesn't support writing


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