I really prefer ckeditor module than wysiwyg but Insert module support driving me nuts. With current versions (D7) insert does its job only on standard body fields, any other long text fields are out of its scope so I can't insert images.

I don't know js - Can someone look at insert.js file and update selection rules so insert.module will insert html in proper (active) ckeditor instances?

Or what other tools you are using for images and files insert?


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@altavis I checked this and it works fine for standard body field as you described.
Insert module has built in support for CKEditor module , so I think it works as insert module developers designed this.
In my case to insert image in other textarea than body field is make this field active/focus. After this insert module inserts images into it , but this has strange behaviour (I have problems to back to insert images into body field).
Maybe try use IMCE module or CKFinder filebrowser to insert images. CKEditor module has built in support for this. I think that you can also report this issue to insert module developers.

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I've tried 'em all and I believe this is the best configuration. When it's working you've got:
- core upload;
- core file handling;
- image resize filter;
- colorbox;
- core (imagecache) thumbnails;
- great flexibility;

I've reported this problem at insert module issue queue, but quicksketch seems to not be interested in ckeditor support (... and other features like relative paths).

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To be clear, I've actually submitted patches to CKEditor module and previously FCKEditor module to make these modules work correctly in Insert. When I was saying that CKEditor module needs improvement I meant that most likely the support has broken again in CKEditor module.

In insert.js:

    else if (typeof(CKEDITOR) != 'undefined' && typeof(Drupal.ckeditorActiveId) != 'undefined') {

So this code means that CKEditor support still exists in Insert module, but that it is no longer working because CKEditor is no longer setting Drupal.ckeditorActiveId correctly. See this issue: #865710: Provide a "ckActiveId" variable for tracking the active editor

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Category: support » bug
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Same issue with 6.1X

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Status: Active » Needs review

@quicksketch, really thx for your msg, I don't know why we don't have ckeaditorActiveId variable in D7 module because if i remember good I add this before...

I add this again and commit changes to GIT.
Pls check last DEV version of CKEditor module, and write does it work or not...


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Status: Needs review » Fixed

@dczepierga I testted latest DEV version with Insert module and it works fine. This variable "ckeditorActiveId" fix this problem.
@sonobor this is issue for 7.x version. If you have problems with Insert module + CKEditor module in version 6.x please open new ticket.

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I can confirm that ckeditor is now working fine with insert.

Thanks quicksketch for pointing this bug out.

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Excellent, thanks guys. This will help tremendously with the "quicksketch doesn't care" complaints in the Insert queue.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Title: CKEditor does not work with Insert module » CKEditor does not work with the Insert module
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This is currently in 7.x-1.x-dev branch; but since the last release (7.x-1.9) dates from April, it's not in a release version. Any chance we could get a 7.x-1.10 put out?