After applying some security upgrades and updating several modules I realized that my menus look differently. And sub items are no longer visible/accessible.
I didn't even notice when it happened.
They used to look like this:
and now they look like this:

As you can see from the following screenshot, all the 'children' are there, but why they disappeared from the menu?

What settings should I check? Please advise.
I will greatly appreciate any help.



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It's a custom-made theme based on Zen.

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Are there any expert drupal developers in this forum? My original developer does not reply to my emails, apparently upset about my critical remarks or something. I decided I will try and fix the menu myself.

But people, I need a pointer, where to look for a solution?.. I already found out that my primary links menu is not using blocks. The primary links block is disabled in the site's theme. That means my menu is controlled by the theme itself, right? Maybe some files of the Zen sub-theme? Which ones? On the other hand, why would I need to edit the theme files? They were not affected by my core and modules upgrades.

I tried to analyze the source code of the actual site's menu with the Firebug, and it only shows the top level menu items. How are the child menu items supposed to show there? Some PHP snippets somewhere? That would be fun to play with...

So please people, help me.

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The conclusions in my blog article about usefulness of drupal community forums for inexperienced but enthusiastic learners like myself, seem to be accurate.
Beginner-Drupalers don't know answers to questions like mine.
Drupal experts on the other hand don't feel like sharing their expertise for free...
I've noticed this pattern long time ago. Sad.

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Yes - many threads here with no responses - a real shock after all the awesome help to be found in programmer-land (where I've been for the last few years).

The interface looks very user friendly - it just doesn't do what you tell it to - click "Show as expanded " and it doesn't. I'll try a theme - maybe the theme builders got it right.

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My original developer found some time in his busy schedule and fixed all the problems in 25 minutes.
I think what he wrote to me is a good reminder and warning to noobs:

"The problems stem from the fact that you had upgraded several modules without first testing them. If you ever change any code on a website, you should always try out your changes on a copy of the site before touching the live server. You can't just upgrade stuff and expect everything to continue functioning the same as code in one module often relies on code in another, and they need to be compatible versions."