I've been using the awesome Localization Client module while working on my site and one possible additional feature comes to mind, which I think would be pretty useful and relatively easy to implement: a toggle checkbox right on the main translation panel that would allow the user to choose wether or not to submit each translation to the localization server.

I use my site entirely in Spanish, and given the specific language characteristics of my country and my audience, I'd like to change some of the strings' default translations to custom strings specifically for my site, even though those official translations are the correct ones. So even though I'd like to keep my translation sharing active, I'd also like to be able to make custom string translations only to my site without submitting them as suggestions.

Attached is a mockup suggestion of how the option would look on the interface.

share-translation.jpg35.28 KBsoundboy89
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Drupal 6 is not supported. The same problem was not reported for Drupal 7.