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The Screen9 Drupal Video Plugin project lets you administer and publish videos from your Screen9 account onto your Drupal website. The module provides an integration with the Screen9 API and enables publishing of videos using TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor and a CCK integration.

The module can be found at

This is a usage guide to get started using the Screen9 OVP module for Drupal. The reader is assumed to have:

  • Basic understanding of how to use Drupal.
  • Access to a Drupal installation where the Screen9 Drupal module is installed.
  • An account with Screen9. If you do not have one, contact Screen9 here.
  • Login access to the Screen9 Account Console.

The Screen9 Drupal module makes uploading and publishing of videos in your Drupal site easy but the module only implements a subset of the features and functions available in the Screen9 platform. To access additional features, you may need to log in to your Screen9 Account Console and edit your videos there. Any changes you make to content there will be automatically reflected in your Drupal video content and vice versa.




Your Screen9 Drupal module should already be set up according to the Screen9 OVP Drupal setup guide. To verify this, navigate to Site building->modules->list and verify that the modules “Media: screen9”, “screen9 api”, “screen9 cck” and “screen9 wysiwyg” are in your list and checked.

When you have verified that the modules are checked you should be able to see the videos in your Screen9 account by browsing to My account->Videos. The videos in your account will show up in a list with thumbnail, Title, Status, Category and a column to see details or delete a video. The Videos view also has a link to upload videos to your account.

Uploading video

Videos already in your account or that have been uploaded via for instance the Screen9 account console will automatically appear in your list of videos. If you wish to upload new content to your account, you can do so using the Drupal interface. This can be done in three different ways:

  1. Navigate to My account->Videos and select the Upload button.
  2. Navigate to Create content and select Screen9 video.
  3. You can also choose to upload a video in the dialog box where you select a video for
    embedding but the recommended way is to use option 1 or 2.

To upload your video, simply click Choose file and select the video from the file browser. Optionally set the category, title and description (this is recommended but not required) for your video and click the Upload button.

Publishing video

Publishing videos using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor is very simple but please note that embedding of video will only work in “Full HTML” input mode so make sure that is what you are using.

Simply click the Screen9 video icon and a dialog popup where you can select your video will appear. Here you can choose the video that you wish to embed. To locate your video, you can browse the account using the bottom navigation or search for your video using the top right search box. Click Select to choose the video you want to embed.

The video will be embedded in the default width that you have configured for your Drupal account (this can be changed under Site configuration->Screen9 settings). The height of the video will be automatically adjusted to fit the aspect ratio of the video.

The Screen9 module also comes with a CCK field. To use the CCK field, click manage fields for the desired content type and add the content field “screen9 Video”. When this is done, videos can be published as CCK types in pages. With the CCK types, width and height for your video embed must be filled out. If the Maintain aspect ratio box is checked, the height of the player will be automatically adjusted to fit the video.

Editing the published video

Videos embedded using the TinyMCE editor can be edited for size and position. Simply click the Screen9 video icon and the edit video dialog will appear.

The edit video dialog displays the current title and description for the video as well as the thumbnail. Using the top right Change video button you can select another video if you wish to replace the video in the same position.

The size of the video is changed by editing the Dimensions box. If the Maintain aspect ratio box is ticked, the width and height will automatically update to fit the aspect ratio of the video if the height or width is updated respectively.

Alignment of the embedded video can be controlled by choosing from the Align dropdown box.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.