Hi, I've played around with the mobile stylesheet and narrow layouts, but I'm unsure how to move forward. I wanted to ask some questions before I dive in and do this mobile thing all wrong :).

I'm wondering how, when viewing from a mobile device, to load only the mobile.css? Does Omega provide this functionality? I'd like to not load the full style.css when I'll just be overriding it all with the mobile.css sheet. That's an inherent problem with mobile currently - yes media queries work to load a nice looking page for your mobile device, but still the same (large) amount of data is sent down the pipe. I'd like to keep it clean and lean when viewing from mobile, without downloading all the extra stylesheets and images the device won't use. Advise/discussion on the best way to go about this with Omega?

Also - I have no idea how complicated the coding would be, or if this is already a feature that I'm not aware of... but, can I configure a different Omega blocks/zone/region layout for mobile? On a desktop my navigation is vertical in the sidebar. I'd like to have the navigation block load in the horizontal menu block if possible when viewing from mobile. Does Omega offer functionality of this type? Advise/Discussion? Sorry if this is in the documentation and I have missed it or some such :/ Thanks!



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