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Here are the top 10 most used contributed modules for Drupal 6, and a brief explanation of what they do. This list was created using the Project usage overview.

    Create lists, tables, and feeds of nodes, comments, taxonomy terms, or users.
  2. Content Construction Kit (CCK)
    Create custom fields that can be added to nodes. This is great for creating new and expansive content types.
  3. Token
    Use generic placeholders to display dynamic data. Token is usually installed as a dependency for another module.
  4. Pathauto
    Automatically create search engine-friendly, human-readable URLs based on customizable patterns. An example URL alias is
  5. FileField
    A replacement for the core file upload feature, with far more flexibility.
  6. ImageAPI
    Gives Drupal GD2 and ImageMagick support for image manipulation. Usually installed as a dependency for another module.
  7. Administration Menu
    Provides a horizontal, drop-down style administration menu at the top of each page, with links to all major administrative tasks.
  8. ImageField
    Provides a feature-rich CCK image field to Drupal. This means images can be attached to any node type.
  9. ImageCache
    Create presets for processing images, such as automatic cropping, scaling, or thumbnail creation.
  10. Date
    Creates a flexible date/time CCK field and provides an API for other modules to use.

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