We are using Boost on http://www.ResetSanFrancisco.org with great success. Recently, I created a mobile theme and alternate front page view for the subdomain http://m.ResetSanFrancisco.org. I set the view and theme manually in the settings.php file for the subdomain.

The problem is that anon users are seeing an OLD front page (several weeks old) on the subdomain, but see the proper content when logged in.

I have also discovered that manually hitting the index (http://m.ResetSanFrancisco.com/index.php) DOES show the current content... but when I remove the index.php, its back to the old content again.

Is there some change to .htaccess I need to make? Boost does appear to be working properly with regard to creating the cached pages, but is simply showing the wrong/old page when hitting the subdomain directly...



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I think you're describing the same problem I've been having for months and I feel like I've tried just about everything. I run an events calendar site, and the front page content of my mobile site is supposed to show two Views with the current day's events.

I have found that when I refresh the page in my mobile browser it does fetch the updated version of the page, though not when I load it from a bookmark or navigating there within the site ... how can I get it to do it by itself?

I'd love it if I didn't have to refresh my mobile site each morning as soon as I wake up :)

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Same problem here! any solution?

the mobile front page is not cleared after update a node

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This is a drastic solution executing custom PHP code

$path_html = 'cache/mobile/www.domain.com/_.html';
$path_gz = 'cache/mobile/www.domain.com/_.html.gz';
$success_html = file_delete($path_html);
$success_gz = file_delete($path_gz);

if ($success_html && $success_gz){
watchdog('boost', 'front flushed');
} else {
watchdog('boost', 'front doesn't flushed');

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You can probably fix this in the boost_get_all_filenames() function, which is called by boost_cache_kill().

In the same way the code checks for gzip files to delete, you could check for other files than those in "normal".

(I don't have a site with mobile setup on which to test, so I can't debug this further at the moment.)

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I print $files inside boost_cache_kill and the front mobile file never pass through it.

This is what I did if anyone have the same problem

I'm using Boost, Rules, Views with Rules-triggered cache and Cache Actions to clear views cache. And after update a node run this actions:

- Clear the cache for specific views
- Clear a page from the boost cache (Page URL empty to clear desktop front page, this is not cleared after update a node too!
- Execute custom PHP Code with the above code with file_delete to clear the mobile front page file

I'm using Boost 6.x-1.x-dev and checked all the options under Boost settings for views section and this to detect a mobile device