I am getting this bug with Token version 6.x-1.16 and Content Profile 6.x-1.0. I have some extra user data stored as a content type called "uProfile". I want to send an e-mail every time a user registers. The e-mail sending, and other tokens like [mail] work fine, but the tokens associated with the extra user content does not.

I am using Content Profile Tokens to access these tokens:


These tokens produce only empty data, making a blank e-mail if I only use the tokens for e-mail content.

The user data is stored fine, as I am able to access them on the user profile page as well as in the database.


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In the "Send an HTML mail to an arbitrary mail address" settings, Use the php raw value in check_plain() and see if it works. The trigger you're using builds the email before cck fields are processed, so only raw values are available.

For example to print "field_name":

<?php print check_plain($node->field_name[0]['value']); ?>
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Thank you for the reply. So I need to use PHP code as the entry format? I do not get any token content in the e-mail with the PHP code either. Under "PHP Evaluation" it says that I have access to the following variables:

$account - registered user
$user - acting user

How would I access the tokens that I have created using the PHP method?

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you can write a small piece of code in your custom module to be able to use profile first name, last name, etc..

http://www.innoraft.com/blog/use-profile-fields-tokens-user-emails-drupal -- the sample code snippet over here might help..