I want to know how can I add HTML code in the block for Drupal 7. Is there any module which allow me to add HTML code in the block?

Thank you.


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just change the input filter to full html? It's in core no module needed

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You can just add HTML code in your block, this is supported by Drupal by default. You might meet a html filter issue, which could be resolved by add more html elements in admin/config/content/formats

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aspilicious and seanray, thank you very much for your help.

Here is how to do it in more details for them who new in Drupal:

Go to Structure => Blocks => Add block, set "Text format" to "Full HTML" and write the html code into the textarea "Block body". Don't forget to fill "Block description" field, because it is required too. :)

Thank you again.

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Please, is there a way to add html code into drupal block? I being try to create marquee text in my drupal project.. please, help

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