I have been using the exportables feature for exporting my theme settings to the info file and it's working quite well! :-)

The only thing I find a bit annoying is the fact that every time I save the theme settings the Current Theme Settings status changes to Overwritten -- even if I haven't actually changed anything. And even if I have changed something, I don't always remember which option it was and whether I was just trying something out or whether I had changed a value that I actually want to keep...

As a solution to this, I'd like to suggest integrating omega tools with the Diff module, allowing the user to view the changes between values stored in-code and in the database... I'm thinking of something similar to what the features module offers for overwritten features.



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Version: 7.x-3.0-beta1 » 7.x-3.x-dev
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Sorry for not seeing this sooner. Perhaps something could be done here in order to do this, however, I'm not sure if the Diff module would allow interaction with settings stored in the .info file for a theme/module as other items are compared (like features) via the appropriate module hooks.

Will investigate.

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I would still love to see this being added!

I think the diff module can be used for comparing pretty much any two objects; I think you have to "just" implement hook_diff() if I remember correctly...