The Scayt spellchecker currently uses the interface language for the spelling dictionary. If you are using a single interface language to edit nodes of multiple languages this is not efficient. The scayt language should be set to the node language, if it's supported by Scayt.

Attached is a patch which adds this functionality. The patch adds the node language to the body form element and that is used to add the scayt_sLang setting. Scayt seems to require a language_locale code so a rudimentary conversion function is added for this purpose. There is probably a better method but it works.

ckeditor.module.diff1.75 KBtangent


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@tangent, really thx for patch, we will check it asap...


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I would really like to get this committed because the functionality is needed for my site. Please review or commit it to -dev.

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Status:Needs review» Fixed

Ok i check that, make some changes in your patch and commit it to GIT.

Thx for patch and good work.

Pls try the last DEV version and write does it works for u or not.


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Title:Scayt spelling language does not match node language» [D6] Scayt spelling language does not match node language
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Title:[D6] Scayt spelling language does not match node language» [D6] Add Scayt spelling language to match node language
Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)