Continuing #876694-36: Teaser disappears when using CKEditor as requested.


This is a paragraph.

Doesn't work:
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CKEditor reformats the HTML to contain a newline directly after the opening <p>. When the new line filter is enabled,node_teaser() will use line breaks as part of its calculations and fail to properly break the first paragraph leaving only an empty p tag.

If you can, the workaround is to disable the newline filter for any input format used with ckeditor.

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Apparently I can't use that workaround so I'm now investigating a real solution...

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Related ckeditor list discussion:

Configuration fix for us:

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Status: Active » Needs review
718 bytes

err... not a lazy patch created of my production code...

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@neclimdul, i add this lines in other place and commit it to GIT so pls download the last DEV version and check does it works for u.


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Title: Teasers for long paragraphs broken. » [D6] Teasers for long paragraphs broken

I also do this in module for Drupal 7: #1183218: [D7] Teasers for long paragraphs broken

@neclimdul, really thx for good work and fix it.


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Status: Needs review » Fixed

You could have just used the patch to be ported status and I'd been happy to help. Thanks though!

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Title: [D6] Teasers for long paragraphs broken » [D6] Fix broken teasers for long paragraphs
Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)