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Our site allows people to post lost and found notices.

We want to keep content current so we notify content authors when they have not updated content for a set period, to let them know to update it, or it will be removed.

We originally attempted to use a Condition - Numeric Comparison - Number 1 = [node:mod-since] - Operation = Greater than - Number 2 = -1814400 seconds

We thought it was working. However, it did not work, and we could find no documentation for the use of [node:mod-since] as a condition.

The only token we found which will work to test when a content was last updaed is provided by the module Workflow Extensions:

Workflow Extensions provides this token: [node:workflow-state-age]

To use it, in Rules Condition, use Numeric Comparison, with [node:workflow-state-age] set as Number 1 Greater Than a lapsed period of time as Number 2, in number of seconds.

This is explained well currently on the module's main page:

We have three workflow states:

1- User Recently Updated
2- User Not Recently Updated
3- Removed Due to Non Update

The node passes through the workflow states as content is updated by the user, or not.

Will provide more detail on how to configure the workflow staes in the future.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.