I created a view that works fine when the row style is "field", but when I try to turn the view into a nivo slider view the images no longer appear. In basic settings...
I change Style to "Views Nivo Slider" (and the live preview still shows images) and...
then change Row style to "Views Nivo Slider", specifying the image field option...
...But then the images disappear from the live preview and when I save and view on the site the images are no longer there either.

I've searched the issues and documentation and can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I have the same behavior - this is both on the release and dev version. See http://drupal.org/node/1173316

Everything had been working well and I don't know what happened to change the behavior. I had been on Views 2, just changed to View 3 dev - no difference. Also have Nivo Slider working on a site I just performed the 6.22 update on. Perhaps an update to some existing code "breaks" Nivo Slider? Don't have a clue here...

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Did you use the options for Row Style to set the proper field settings? I have noticed that sometimes these are not retained when switching from and to Nivo Slider.

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Terribly sorry - I forgot I posted here as well:


In my case, there was a conflict with Media Mover 2.0, which is still in a developmental stage. I've since "punted" on MM 2.0 for now and Views Nivo Slider works again!

I won't close this for now insofar as firestick13's problem is probably unrelated - for now, thank you for this great module and sorry for any confusion... rock on!

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Does anyone have a fix for the original issue? I need to bump this, having the exact same problem. Using "Fields" as the row style will show the images (but with javascript error "u is undefined
Line 19"), but as soon as I switch to Nivo Slider as the row style, the images fail to appear at all. *And yes I did go through the row style settings and set the options to the fields*

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Having similar problems to the OP. If I set the row style to Nivo Slider, the images do appear but not as a slider, as several images on the page with the navigation hidden (I haven't set up visibility of navigation to be on mouseover).

Again, when row style is set to Field it is closer to working but still not quite....the navigation is still not visible as in the demonstration, and even though I have only configured two slider images for testing, it still seems to think I have four images (two actual, and two blank).

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Try to turn off AJAX if enabled :)

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I swapped the order of the fields as mentioned here and it worked. Unlike that comment, though, my captions are working as well.

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 6.x-2.0

So I was having the same problem. I then disabled devel (like http://drupal.org/node/1173316#comment-4774624 suggested) and the images showed up again (victory!).

Just wanted to share the same struggles. If others find the problem again. :)

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Thanks Hei Matau!!! It works for me.